Infolinks Affiliate Program : An Overview

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Infolinks is well known as one of the best in-text advertising programs which convert keywords in your content into link ads. Most people know about its in-text program only, but there is an affiliate program from Infolinks.

Infolinks Affiliate Program

Today, we are going to peek into Infolinks affiliate program, which will help you to increase your revenue from Infolinks. Infolinks has been running this program for a long time, but they never promoted it directly on their site. So, most people are NOT aware of Infolinks affiliate program.

How to Join in Infolinks affiliate program?

Just send an email to Infolinks support requesting to join their program. If you are a standard publisher, you will be admitted as an affiliate partner of Infolinks with little headache.

Features of Infolinks affiliate program

Now, let’s talk about the details of the affiliate program. For each publisher who joins the Infolinks network by clicking your personal referral link, you will be entitled to a one-time referral fee of up to $1,000 per new publisher, as follows:

 Small Publisher - $25 (up to 10,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)

• Medium Publisher – $100 (up to 100,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)

• Large Publisher - $1,000 (over 100,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)


1. Here, publisher’s traffic must have at least 30% of traffic from the US. If less than 30% of the publisher’s traffic comes from the US then the referral fee will be 30% of the fees listed above.

2. The new publisher must be actually new (and not in previous contact with Infolinks or related to any of the Infolinks publishers), must enter the Infolinks website through your referral link, be accepted to become a qualified Infolinks publisher.

3. The referred member must remain a fully active Infolinks publisher with an average of at least 300 daily net impressions for a minimal consecutive period of three months.


However, there is one drawback in this program. Unlike the in-text program, there is no statistics available about referral in Infolinks dashboard.

Interested in Infolinks – the best in-text advertising program?

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200 Best Free Article Submission Website List

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Now a day, article submission is treated as one of the best SEO techniques. By submitting articles in high page ranked and better trafficked websites, one can gain more popularity and obtain a better page rank.

High PR Articles Submission Sites List

Article submission directories or article submission websites provide platforms for this purpose to fellow bloggers and webmasters.

Here is a huge list of 200 high PR and highly trafficked article sites that allow you to submit content to gain better page rank and more popularity.